Bendel Insurance project is for generations – Dudu-Orumen

By Pius Ayinor

A high level member of the Bendel Insurance project, Barrister Godwin Dudu-Orumen has reiterated that the ongoing work to re-launch the famous Edo State owned club is highly commendable.

The experienced attorney and sports consultant who spoke with our reporter in Lagos is very confident that the club would not fizzle out of the national scene again but would grow to become a real model for other teams to follow. The Benin based club are already staging a comeback to the Nigeria premier league having been campaign in the lower nationwide division.

Dudu-Orumen said, “I agree with you that some other projects have come up like this in the past and then packed up but let’s not forget the set up of those projects. The usual problem is either family disagreements or bottlenecks created by government unwittingly by themselves.

“If you take a look at the Bendel Insurance project you can easily see the distinguishing facts that make it unique in planning and implementation. The Edo State Government has consulted deeply before embarking on this project and because they are very satisfied with the layout that why they agreed.

“For the record, Pamodzi engineered this. I don’t in the last two decades and more which project Mike Itemuagbor and his company Pamodzi delved into that didn’t work. See what they have done with the Okpekpe Road Race. Would anybody have believed that foreigners from the farthest part of the world would one day be running in a small village like? Now the world has know Okpekpe when some state capitals are not known.

“It is the Office of the Deputy Governor that is supervising this project because we known that the Executive Governors are usually too busy and that is why Edo has adopted the most workable model. Good enough the deputy Governor, Comrade Philip Shaibu is a retired footballer and not somebody who is unfamiliar with the terrain.”

The former Special Assistant Chief S.B Williams who was then the Chairman of the National Sports Commission noted that the fact that Edo State would not finance the club a long period makes it more attractive to investors.

“It is when the governments is putting down cash down that we usually have problems when there is a change of personnel and political office holders. But with Insurance everything has been documented. The government becomes just a share holder like the other people and it is the general public that will own the club. We have seen models like Insurance that have lasted from generations to generations. And that is the outlook the government for Insurance. It is a project that will outlive this present government because they have properly planned it to be self-sustaining.”

Insurance re-launch was officially celebrated last month in Benin City.