FIBA gives Nigeria Basketball Nov 30 deadline to resolve election issues

Pius Ayinor

The world basketball governing body, FIBA has asked the Nigeria Basketball Federation to resolve the disagreements that have followed the June 13 election conducted for the federation alongside other 33 associations under the supervision of the sports ministry and the Nigeria Olympic Committee, reports

FIBA made its position known via a letter sent to the NBBF president Musa Kida and Tijjani Umar and signed by the Secretary General of FIBA, Patrick Baumann. A group led by the Tijjani Umar who served as the NBBF president until the dissolution of the boards of federation held a splinter election on June 12 in Kano ahead of the government approved one of June 13 and since then both side have laid claim to the NBBF board. Even though the Kida-led board was inaugurated on July 21 in Abuja by the country’s sports minister alongside the other federations both sides have continued to lay claims to the leadership of Nigeria basketball.

The letter stated, “FIBA is not entirely satisfied that either election was carried out in accordance with the FIBA General Statues. Consequently, pursuant to Article 9.10 of the FIBA General Statutes, FIBA cannot recognize either election.

  • FIBA instructs the NBBF to resolve this current dispute internally, whether through new elections of (preferably) through an amicable solution under the auspices of the National Olympic Committee, before 30 November 2017.
  • In the event that a solution complying with the FIBA General Statutes is not found, the NBBF will be subject to the possibility of sanctions, including without limitation, a suspension of its membership with FIBA.
  • In the event that a solution is not found, regardless of any sanctions, FIBA will appoint a task force that will take any appropriate measure(s) in the interests of basketball in Nigeria.
  • FIBA will communicate, as of now and until 30 November 2017 solely with the persons named as board members on 13 June 2017 namely Mr Ahmadu Musa Kida as NBBF President and Mr Babatunde Ogunade as Vice President using for official correspondence.
  • FIBA maintains that while this letter clarifies the line of communication between FIBA and its member and divisions, on one hand, and NBBF on the other, it shall not be understood as recognition by FIBA of the management elected on 13 June 2017.
  • FIBA will continue to study the allegations of state intervention and non-democratic elections at the NBBF.