HIVE Leagues set to launch small-sided football leagues in Nigeria, prepares for World Cup 2019

Football lovers and fans get in here. Something explosive is about to happen on the soccer landscape.

The HIVE Leagues Limited, one of Nigeria’s foremost Sports Management Company, is set to launch  small-sided football leagues into the Nigerian space tagged ‘Hive Leagues’ in the coming week in the month of June.

The HIVE Leagues Ltd is affiliated to the International Soccer Federation (ISF), which is an authority on small sided football worldwide. Its major focus is to begin organized small-sided football and recreational sport leagues in Nigeria in general with a focus on creating teams from everyday players and amateurs that will compete in the small-sided football World Cup tournament in Crete, Greece 2019.

Shedding more light on the leagues CEO, The HIVE Leagues Henry Koko said: “In order to provide a superstar experience to our members, we will be providing kits to players and have match managers oversee all their games. In addition, we will be launching a purpose built website for our leagues. In a nutshell, we want to provide the English Premier League (EPL) equivalent of recreational football to everyday Nigerians.”

Watch this space for every information on The HIVE Leagues as the website prepares to go-live!