I waited two-and-half hours to buy Eagles jersey, says fan

Helen Otitochukwu Manufor is the global brand manager for Gilbert, and a Nigerian who has lived in the United Kingdom all her life. She shared her experience with thenff.com on the first day of the release of the new Super Eagles’ kits in London on Friday.

She said, “It was an amazing experience for me. I actually spent two-and-half hours on the queue trying to get some of the wears for myself and my little nieces.

“At the end of the day, I couldn’t get any as they were out of stock by the time it got to my turn. My nieces were unhappy when I got back home. I had to go back to the Nike store on Oxford Street on Saturday before I could get something. By the time I was leaving, they had run out of stock again.”

Manufor’s experience typified the tale of many individuals who went out to Oxford Street on the first day of the sale of the new wears designed by Nike for Nigeria’s Super Eagles for the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals.

By Saturday morning, when Nike decided to put up for sale some more of the wears, they didn’t last up to an hour on the counter.

“Everyone wants the Nigerian wears,” Modupeola Adebukola, another UK-based Nigerian, told thenff.com.

“My friends had been talking about it for some weeks now and then we went to Nike town (Nike store on Oxford Street) on Friday and despite staying hours on the queue, we could not get. The queue was very, very long.”