NFF, Nike plan for 2019 and beyond

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and its official kit sponsors, Nike met on Thursday in Abuja to review activities for the past year and plan for 2019. NFF officials confirmed this meeting.

They discussed the activation of the new and improved contract signed by the two sides in Asaba, Delta State in November 2018. And part of the deal includes the distribution of Nike merchandise in Nigeria to ensure the products are available at several platforms across the country.

More Nike outlets are to be opened in Nigeria to deepen the market; new designs are scheduled to be launched in the summer of next year and the exploration of severally mutually beneficial strategies to take advantage of the enhanced contract were also discussed.

NFF Second Vice President, Shehu Dikko said: “We had a very good meeting and we hope to learn from the successes of last season to build new strategies to deepen the relationship going forward, for the benefit of the NFF, NIKE, football fans and other stakeholders.

“The NFF is very happy with the relationship with NIKE and we are willing to help in every area that they want to activate the contract.” Also at the meeting were Nike’s Tina Salminen (Director, Sports Marketing, African Football) and Indrek Heinmets (Commercial Director, Sports Division of Hudson Holdings, Nike’s official distributors), as well as Alizor Chuks, NFF’s Head of Marketing.