Nigeria can win World Cup – George Weah

President of Liberia, George Weah, has said the Super Eagles, have the potential to win the World Cup billed for Russia in June if the country puts the right things in place.

Weah was responding to a question Monday after he held a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa Abuja.

Weah said “everything that the players need must be put in place as they prepare for the World Cup.”

“I think Nigerian team is a model, we all followed them. I have played with great Nigerian players, I played against them. Now you have a new generation, the fact that they qualified is a good thing for Nigeria. “But I hope that they will prepare very early because they are going to represent Africa and we will be there to watch them, for them to bring the trophy for the first time if it is possible. But I think the seriousness to go to World Cup is not to pay players to go, I want every African government to know, if you win World Cup is a pride to Africa, it is not just to Nigeria, so we must do everything to ensure that the players are not stressed, make sure they concentrate, make sure their incentives are given to them to motivate them.

Drawing from his experience, Weah said while he was in Europe, “Remember I played in European setting, when we go camp we have nothing to do. The only thing we have to do is to take a shower and prepare for the game, everything is laid down here and so you have no excuse.

“So let the players not have excuse, support them and let them go and bring back that cup.”

The Liberian President also warned sports ministers and those in-charge of the sports ministry to desist from the habit of tampering with money meant for the welfare of players during any tournament.

He also expressed dismay over the attitude of African leaders who always complain when it comes to investing in sports, and then congratulated Buhari for Nigeria’s 2018 World Cup qualification. He said he was amazed when he met the President of France, Emmanuel Macron who spoke passionately on his sports agenda and how he plans to build capacity through sports.

He said, “I have been fighting for so long for my national team to qualify. Imagine, in the world best here in Africa, the only world best. And I said to President Macron, that FIFA built one stadium in Liberia and we have one Ballon d’Or, so if you build 10 stadia in Liberia, you will have 10 Ballon d’Ors.”

He told reporters that great efforts are being made at reviving sports generally and not just football in Liberia. He said he had already started something and that he had gone to meet World Bank and they are giving his country $5 million to revamp the sports sector.