Rugby R7s holds Sept 15 in Abidjan

The Regional African Rugby League Championship (Regional 7s) has been confirmed to hold from September 15 to 16. This competition is expected bring together 10 countries: Burkina Faso, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Togo in Abidjan for the fiesta at the Robert Champroux Stadium in Marcory.

The Ivorian Rugby Federation says it is proud to host the Rugby Africa event.

“We are happy and proud to host this Rugby Africa competition. The choice of Ivory Coast is the sign of the confidence that Rugby Africa places in the Ivorian Federation of Rugby, “said the chairman of the organizing committee, also vice-president of the Federation, Kouassi Bi Djessan.

The Ivorians are not just hosting but are hopeful to be on the podium in the evening of 16 September.

“This tournament is pre-qualifying for the 2020 Olympics. Cote d’Ivoire aims to participate in the 2020 Olympics. And so, we will have to pass this course. We will have to be conquerors in this battle,” Bi Djessan said.

The Nigerian team who has since commenced their training schedule are also very confident of making the podium when the regional teams assemble in Abidjan.

The Ivorian Rugby Federation was founded in 1961and a founding member of Rugby Africa.