World Cup Qualifiers: D’Tigers talk tough facing Cote d’Ivoire

Nigeria’s D’Tigers who have qualified are facing Cote d’Ivoire tonight in the FIBA World Cup qualifiers holding in Abidjan. The players are quite confident facing the Ivorians who badly need a win to hope for a place in China 2019.

Braxton Ogbueze (Basquet Coruna, Spain)

My expectation is to go out there and execute the game plan that we have been working on. We llok forward to handling business out there and getting going one game at a time

By the grace of God, we will continue to go out there and do what we need to do to win games. It is such a blessing playing for Nigeria and I really believe in this country and I believe that in this window, we show case that we are pretty strong as a team and I have a really high expectation for this group that we have.

Ibe Abuchi Agu (Gombe Bulls)

Ivory Coast seems to be the toughest because they are hosting, I understand it is going to be a very tough game for us

Michael Umeh (Twarde Pieniki, Poland)

I don’t really see any difficulty in any of these countries. I think we are very strong team, I am confident in our group. I am sure those teams are trying to qualify but I think we are more motivated to position ourselves for that World Cup stage

Ekene Ibekwe (Levallois Metropolitan, France)

It does not matter, we just want to come out there and dominate and be undefeated in all these windows.

Since Cote d’Ivoire being the home team, they are going to come out strong and hard because they are the home team and they have all their fans, but we just have to definitely look in and do what we have to do to just dominate these next 3 games to be in a better position for the World Cup

Ike Diogu (Sichuan Blue Whales, China)

It’s tough to say because Ivory Coast has a good team and we are going to play them in Ivory Coast which is going to be tough.

I will say between Ivory Coast and Senegal, Senegal always gives us a tough and hard noose game. I think those two countries will be the toughest.

Anybody can beat us and we can beat anybody, so we just have to take the same approach going into this last window games

Tonye Jekiri (Gaziantep, Turkey)

Ivory Coast have a lot of guys who I have seen play back in the United States of America, Europe and bigger leagues.

I think Ivory Coast is a major team that we have to really focus on beating and I think for us, we have a lot of talents here.

We have guys who are hungry to win and I think we are definitely going to take care of business but at the same time, we don’t have to under-estimate others.

We just have to put every team as the same and just take it a game at a time.