AFA Sports opens new store in Abuja, unveils Afrileisure Line

AFA Sports is unveiling the best of the past, present and future of African designs through its ‘Afrilieisure’ line, just as it announces the opening of a new store in Abuja today Wednesday, November 25th.

AFA says the expansion is a response to the growing need of the people. The brand relies on feedback and suggestions from brand loyalists, friends and the general public to drive consumer interest and ensure customer satisfaction.

“We are a brand that listens. We are doing this for our customers who for a long time kept asking for a flagship store in Abuja. This is also an opportunity for our business to continue its continental momentum as a brand. We look forward to creating meaningful connections with our customers,”Ugo Udezue, CEO, AFA Sports said.

Situated at shop L-13 Jabi Lake Mall, the store goes beyond generating excitement for customers to forging relationships, partnerships and fostering goodwill with consumers and other businesses.

Paul Okoye of P-Square will be the Guest of Honour for the event.

AFA Sports will be unveiling the ‘Afrileisure’ line with the introduction of new products during the grand opening starting at 4pm. ‘Afrileisure’ is AFA Sports’ trademarked term for African traditional concepts modernized in the Athleisure and sports environment.

The products which include the Jalamia tracks, Sports Hijab and Kaftan T-shirt, celebrate originality, creativity and the cultural background of the African continent.

Also to drop same day is the Kubwa Tribal sneakers, an addition to the coveted luxury Kubwa collection. This lifestyle kicks is designed with iconic patterns, colorful aesthetics and high-quality elevated sole padded with comfortable properties.