Lewis Hamilton doesn’t like the new F1 logo


Formula One’s new American owners have paid for an overhaul of the sport’s logo; redesigned by Liberty Media for the 2018 season, Express reports.

The new badge, which was unveiled at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, is set to replace the original logo which has stood for 30 years. The new owners hope the new design will freshen up F1 as a whole and make it more appealing to a wider audience. But it’s certainly not going down well with every fan and player.

Note, it has not been a hit with world champion Lewis Hamilton who has criticised Liberty for meddling with the sport’s “iconic” past.

“The old one was iconic, and the new one isn’t,” Hamilton said in his post-race press conference.

“Imagine if Ferrari changed theirs!”

Hamilton’s Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was also far from impressed and gave a sarcastic response when asked about the design.

“Mind-blowing,” he said.

Discussing the need for a new logo, F1 American commercial boss Sean Bratches told Express, “Our new brand identity symbolises the wider transformation taking place in Formula One.

“We aim to broaden the sport’s appeal, attract new audiences and build stronger connections with existing fans.

“We set out to create a logo that captures the speed and excitement of the pinnacle of motorsport and this reveal signals the beginning of a new era for Formula One.”