Masai Ujiri touches global hearts with humanity matters

Pius Ayinor

The co-founder of Giants of Africa/President of the Toronto Raptors Masai Ujiri has launched an inspirational movement that should touch a lot of hearts across the world. The new movement is on humanity.

Ujiri, who has been on the forefront of helping young basketballers in Africa hone their skills on the court and out of it defines humanity and explains how humans should live to the benefit of mankind in a three-minute video.

The ex-Nigeria international says, “Let me ask you something. What does humanity mean to you? For me it’s about seeing each other; really seeing. Trying to understand what someone else is going through; and helping if we can even if it is just giving a kind word; some encouragement. That’s humanity.

“When we are born, we are innocent. Our eyes are open; we see each other as human beings; as equals. Deep inside we know that we are a part of something big and that we are meant to come together. It’s who we are it is what we are: one people.

“We build our homes and our communities; join hands to create a world of comfort and peace where hope lives and opportunities breed.

“Bias and injustice have no place in the world we want for our children; we reject entitlement, we choose empowerment. Our traditions are important our differences must be respected.”

The video shot with the backdrop of late Nelson Madela’s speech also features shots of Masai with former American president, Barack Obama; some of the Giants of Africa camps and with family and friends amongst others.

Masai who has run the GOA camps across the continent for more than 15 years has always inspired the youngsters on the power of love, working together as a team; mutual respect, a explains the meaning of victory and winning with the launch of the humanity movement.

He adds, “I may not understand the song you sing but I can listen. When we work to protect what the other person values we reach our true potential as a people; as a planet. This is when we come together, this is when we win.

“This is what I want to reach a day when we see each other, really see the way we did the day when we first opened our eyes; nothing in the way, no bias, one people. That’s the day we remember what it is to be human knowing that each thing we do: a helping hand, a smile makes us part of something big.

That’s humanity to me.”

The Toronto Raptors president has devoted largely devoted to his out of the basketball life to a global work of charity and humanitarian benefits.

Below is the link to the video.