Pinnick may run for CAF Presidency

President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Amaju Pinnick, appears eager to stand in next year’s Confederation of African Football (CAF) presidential elections.

Applications to stand in March’s elections are already open and will close on November 12 but Pinnick says there are a lot of factors for him to consider before committing to being on the ballot paper.

The NFF president admitted he had wanted Ahmad to stay on for at least a second term but he now seems to have changed his mind.

“From the beginning the idea was to have the incumbent Ahmad to get re-elected for a second tenure or even a third tenure,” Pinnick told BBC Sport Africa.

“But the issue of trust started coming in and that’s what led to the initial breakdown (with Ahmad) but in football politics, you never say never.”

He did not give further details on his relationship with Ahmad but last year Pinnick lost his role as a CAF vice-president under Ahmad.

Pinnick says CAF has a lot of issues that need to be addressed urgently.

“The truth is that you need to look at indexes, you have to look at your family – family is the most prized asset that I have – so for example if my family said “don’t” then I won’t.

“Then you have your larger family which is your football family – your exco your congress – if they decide to give you the go ahead then you go to government.

“Then from government you also look at some of your friends – it is not easy you have to consult your zone – you have to consult your colleagues because they are the voters.

“You have to let them know that even if you get elected we will need to look at the reality.

“What is the reality? There are a lot of things wrong fundamentally in CAF right now – our credibility is at the lowest ebb our integrity is nowhere to be found – so we have a lot of challenges unless we keep deceiving ourselves.

“Human beings make mistakes and the only way you can correct those mistakes is to ensure that you know you have made these mistakes and genuinely want to correct it if that’s the case we can’t sit there and do nothing.

“Nobody is in a hurry I am not desperate I am going to be just 50 in December so there is a lot of time for me if I want to pursue a career path in football administration in the future.”