Stadium worker dies after lighting structure fell on him

FC Lorient volunteer worker who was struck by a falling lighting structure after Sunday’s game against Rennes has died.

The man, 38, was in critical condition after the light bar fell onto the pitch as he undertook his post-match duties.

It has now been confirmed the man, yet to be named but claimed to be a father of three by local French media, has passed away as a result of his injuries.

The ‘very serious’ incident occurred at around 7pm on Sunday, shortly after Lorient’s 3-0 home defeat to Rennes according to The report.

The man was said to be undertaking his duties after the final whistle when the floodlight ramp, used for pitch maintenance, collapsed on him.

Doctors immediately performed cardiac ‘massage’ on the Lorient volunteer, with pictures showing an ambulance on the field with staff gathered around.

But the man passed away in hospital after failing to recover from his injuries.

Brazilian left-back Dalbert, on loan at Rennes from Inter Milan, reportedly saw the incident and was ‘greatly shocked’.

A TV report from Canal+ said: “Immediately, the fire-fighters and resuscitators arrived.

 “Currently they are carrying out incessant cardiac massages on this man.

“We have seen players from Rennes completely panicked, other players came out of the locker room.

“Club doctors, presidents, everyone is very worried.”

A TV report from Telefoot added: “It’s the terror, the horror.

“It happened under the eyes of Dalbert, the Rennes player, who is greatly shocked.

“We are all shocked; the ambulance is in the process of providing treatment. “It is really very serious, what just happened in Lorient