SuperSport revamps channel offering

Africa’s leading sports channels provider, SuperSport, has revamped its channels to make it easier for fans to find their favourite sports on DStv and GOtv. The new channels format will debut on July 4, 2017 and will offer viewers easier navigation and less duplications.

SuperSport CEO, Gideon Khobane said, “We’re making these changes to give DStv and GOtv customers an even better viewing experience, making it easier to navigate our wide variety of sports in the back-to-back channels. As there will be less duplication and repeats of sports and no impact on live events, the overall sport viewing will be enhanced, as will our overall HD offering.”

When the 2018 European football season kicks off in August, SuperSport 3 will be channel for the English Premier League for DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact customers, while SuperSport 7 will be the channel for Spanish La Liga matches. SuperSport 11 and SuperSport 12 will remain on the platform as permanent event channels for overflow live sports, giving subscribers a wider choice of live sports.

SuperSport will also introduce two new sports channels: SuperSport 8 which will treat DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact and Family customers to the Premier League and La Liga overflow matches as well as FIFA internationals and the IAAF Diamond League athletics in High Definition (HD) and; SuperSport 10, which in addition to one live English Premier League and La Liga match per week, will also include a UEFA Champions League and an Europa League match as well as athletics, Rugby 7’s and the newest sports genre growing in popularity – eSports, across all DStv packages.

All sports currently available on SuperSport Select and SuperSport Select 2 will henceforth be available on SuperSport 9 and SuperSport 10.

For GOtv customers, SuperSport has made the SuperSport Select brand a GOtv product. This means that from July, all the SuperSport channels on GOtv (excluding SuperSport Blitz), will start with‘SuperSport Select’.

To ensure more efficient sports scheduling, SuperSport will trim down its channels with the sports currently available on SuperSport 9 moving to other channels. GOtv subscribers will continue to enjoy the same amount of exciting local and international sport but on a leaner and better organized platform.

From July 4, SuperSport Select 1 will be GOtv customers’ channel for all the hot local sports action, including football from the African continent and marathons, while SuperSport Select 2 will continue to delight customers on GOtv Plus with FTA games from the Premier League, La Liga, FIFA, UEFA and CAF. All active GOtv customers will continue to enjoy interactive services such as SuperSport Blitz, which remains home to the latest sports news, broadcast details, score updates and results.

These changes are in line with MultiChoice’s strategy to add more value to our loyal DStv and GOtv customers’ packages and ensure that they continue to receive only the best local and international sports programming on a world-class platform, the owners said.